IOA Chairpersons' Message

August 26, 2015

Greeting to Ostomates and website browsers wherever you are.

   Our most significant event this year " World Ostomy Day" will be held on October 3rd.
  The theme is " Many Stories, One Voice"
  The aim is to inform the general public and communities about Ostomy and about ostomates throughout the world.
  Many of the member associations and chapters worldwide are planning events to do this.
  I wish all events, whatever they may be, every success in achieving our goals.

Mr. Barry Maughan
IOA President


The aim of World Ostomy Day is to improve the rehabilitation of ostomates worldwide by bringing to the attention of the general public and the global community the needs and aspirations of ostomates and their families. Activities to promote awareness around the world will include: educational programmes, seminars, support meetings and demonstrations, displays, electronic information networks, newspaper and magazine announcements, advertisements and articles, publication of informative handout materials and brochures, audio and video announcements and films, personal visits and lobbying activities, official government proclamations and joint activities with complementary agencies and professional health associations.

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